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Alexa Holbert, “Lexie,” is our post-closer at Champion Title and Closing. Lexie recently achieved her Associate’s in Science Degree in Legal Studies from the American Bar Association-approved program at Seminole State College.


She is currently working toward her next step, becoming a Certified Paralegal. Working alongside an experienced team of people who have been in the real estate/legal game for years, Lexie makes it her primary goal to absorb as much knowledge from them as possible. Frequently asking questions and believing that, “if she’s the smartest person in the room, then she’s in the wrong room.”


In Lexie’s free time she loves to travel and cross countries off her map. Focusing on becoming a citizen of the world, Lexie enjoys immersing herself in other cultures hoping to better understand the world and the people living in it, for “nothing develops intelligence like travel.”

Lexie Holberg.JPG
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