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5 Ways To Impact Your Sphere

Hey you, yeah you - you are out there killing it. There's so many things on your to do list...the follow ups, the closings, the organizing!

Making a touch base with your sphere of influence is an amazing way to earn the repeat business & referrals.

I'd love to pitch in some of my favorite yet simple ways to pop in with your sphere!

1. "Coffee on me"

Grabbing a picture of you & a coffee, make a graphic that has a "coffee's on me today" with your contact info and a little message! This is a way to be rememberable with a warm lead, someone you meet & connect with, or a home anniversary!

If you sign into a free Starbucks account,

you can purchase gift cards from there AND the imessage Starbucks icon (download the starbucks app) when you go to text your recipient. Gift them with your picture to add the personal touch!

2. Local Business Pop By!

Are you wanting to be the neighborhood expert go to? Get together with your go to neighborhood spot to offer a discount to your sphere! You can create a coupon code mailer OR set up a day to be in the store to have an info table + discount code!

3. The Classic Pop By!

This one might seem like it's an obvious go to! The key to these is consistency & creativity!

Tag in some of your favorite companies to help make the pop by come to life like Market Dwellings & His and Her Workshop!

Seasonal drops keeps you accountable to easily put it on the calendar to get ready ahead of time. Tag me in to help you drop off and create these!

4. Community & Public Party!

Set up at a community clubhouse or community park!

Offer something to those walking by but also invite your sphere & clients!

You will have the opportunity to meet new people in the area to warmly connect with them and shower your current clients with some love

Your clients should be your biggest fan club! Having them talk about how great you are around new connections makes an impact!

5. Remember Their Likes!

Your current clients are the raving fans behind your business. When you take care of them beyond the closing table - they will be your walking business card and your biggest cheerleader! In their contact or your CRM - make notes of things they likes: bands ,sports teams, drink of choice, favorite foods, or do they have pets? Any lifestyle connections you have to them will make an impact. Text them the next time their sports team is playing...send them a drink of choice & basket on their home'a'versary! Let them know you are thinking of them!

This is just a little splash of the impact you can make with your sphere and new connections! Don't feel like you have to go it alone! Tag me in for any brainstorming sessions or support. I'm here to help always!

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