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August Home Checklist!

The summer has been hot! You have been doing all your summer sphere connecting and those spheres now might be gearing up for back to school.

This transition from summer into fall might feel overwhelming, will people be willing to list their homes...or move before the holidays? Keeping in contact with your sphere in positive ways will keep them comfortable with trusting you. Here's a simple and nice way to pop in your August newsletters, emails or just a check in with your sphere!

Below is how I personalized my flyer:

Download yours below that has space to personalize it to your own message and your photo/contact info

August Home Checklist
Download PDF • 2.18MB

Feeling stuck on sphere touch base ideas? Want to open up a new customer base for your business? Let's chat & collaborate on ideas. We are here to assist you and cheer you on in your growth!

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