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Christel Velez has worked in the Real Estate industry since 2000. She brings her knowledge in not only the areas of residential/commercial title insurance and real estate closing services, but the legal and servicing aspects as well.


Christel manages our offices and is a hardworking, dedicated team player that leads by example and brings an element of fun to our group. She has an eye for detail and brings a level of calm to a potentially stressful situation. She will take the time and go the extra mile to ensure the closing process is smooth and is catered to the parties involved. Since she has handled all types of intricate transactions,


Christel loves to share her knowledge and help educate those around her in any way she can and is our resident go to for all things real estate. In her free time, Christel enjoys making memories with her husband and three boys. They are on a quest to attend a baseball game in every MLB park as a family and are well on their way to make this dream a reality!

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